gkero three red hot fashion labels you need to know

Imperfectly-perfect painterly prints on box-fresh cotton shirts and quirky, colourful silk bomber jackets; G.KERO is your one-way ticket to insouciant cool dressing. I first discovered G.KERO when I was researching fashion labels for The Hot Ten, my monthly it-list for glossy mag, Irish Tatler. J-Law, Cara D, Emily Ratajkowski, Elle Fanning and Kate Moss had all been pictured wearing the achingly hip new French label and I just couldn’t wait to find out more. As soon as I saw the spring/summer campaign imagery, I was drawn to the brand. Featuring a recent Vogue ‘one to watch,’ Poppy Okotcha, the inebriance and carefree attitude of youth was practically bursting out in an explosion of colour from each image. If clothes were a feeling, G.KERO would be happiness.

Founded by artist Marguerite Bartherotte, G.KERO marries the two loves of her life, art and fashion. The result? Unique, hand-painted silks and cottons with prints to die for. The David Bowie printed shirt is the key to nailing androgynous it-girl cool while the Kama Sutra print top and shorts just scream fashion rebel with a capital R. Love, sex and music all feature heavily but in the words of the artist herself, it all starts with a sketch. “I started by drawing handsome boyfriends that I didn’t have, and then I drew pretty girls on their T-shirts.” I recently got my hands on the Spaceman shirt. The cotton is heavenly, it washes like a dream and it is basically the coolest item in my wardrobe. Just do yourself a favour, forgo the second latte for a couple of months and invest in one of G.KERO’s pieces and watch your Instagram followers rise to a meteoric high. And if you’re not on Instagram, just do it for yourself. Because DAVID BOWIE. OK?



RIXO London the hottest label you  need to know

Bohemian blooms, ethereal maxi dresses and hand-painted vintage-inspired prints, Rixo London is the destination for haute hippies in London right now. Established just last year by two vintage lovers, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, Rixo London offers exclusive beatnik-esque pieces with an opulent edge. Eschewing the lure of mass-produced fast fashion, the label only produces small amounts of each item; the new Gwyneth print in mint was only printed on twenty items, ensuring that if you’re swanning around Chelsea, you’re probably not going to bump into someone else wearing this print! And if you’re Rosie Fortescue, just ring Louise and Binks and arrange your days accordingly!

The Rixo design duo has a mission; to bring 70s inspired pieces into the modern age. The vintage vibe remains a constant but never looks costumey, there’s always a contemporary twist. I often find with vintage pieces, I have to have them altered or wear them with a belt. There’s always a risk that they never fit right. Rixo London looks as if it came straight out of the wardrobe of Stevie Nicks but is tailored to perfection. I love the ethos of this brand. From the design to the inspiration, there’s a real one-off feel and the factory is in North London, meaning you can guarantee that its not outsourced in an unethical fashion with child labour. The piece I’m coveting the most? The Camellia dress in red; the neckline, the sexy screen siren-esque side-splits, the print…….utter boho perfection!

camellia dress rixo london


Dear Frances 1.jpg

Luxurious buttery Italian leather shoes with clean lines and offbeat elegance, Dear Frances is the newest label on my wish-list. I’ve never been a fan of stilettos or very high heels. I’m more of a low-key heel kind of gal. However, a block heel loafer or a  mule has a very special place in my heart. Maybe it’s kind of a grown-up thing? In the height of the Spice Girls era, I was wearing 6 inch high platforms with sling-backs and like Lady Gaga, would need the assistance of a ‘walker’, usually my Mam, Dad, sisters or friends. In more recent years, I have taken to wearing runners with everything; at the age of 32 I bought my first ever pair of Nike Air Max! I’d always wanted them but could never justify paying out for them but then I discovered I could buy from the boys’ section – what a win!

Finally, the fashion world has embraced the practical side of footwear. When Victoria Beckham ditched the Louboutin Pigalles for flats, I think it was a sign of the times. There is something so irresistibly chic about a block-heeled ankle boot, worn with a sock of course (a fitting tribute to my sartorial hero, Leandra Medine – I salute you, oh Man Repeller). I have a long-standing love affair with ankle boots but slides are fast becoming my newest obsession. How can a shoe traditionally worn in my most hated of buildings (the public swimming pool) command such allure? It’s an enigma but the elevated athleisure movement is far from over. Isn’t there something kind of empowering about wearing flats? Exuding confidence and femininity in a whole new way, these slides from Dear Frances have just the right amount of detail to convey an understated strength and glamour. And isn’t that exactly what a 33 year old woman would want in her choice of footwear? I know I do.

What are your favourite fledgling fashion labels? Are you coveting any new pieces for autumn/winter? Let me know on Twitter, Instagram or right here!

Yours, in sartorial allegiance and weirdness,

MC. x



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  1. Great mix. Just love the G.KERO – but then I love prints.
    And those green suede ankle boots would enhance any wardrobe.
    Well done.


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