From dusk till dawn, there’s a party on your eyelids and it’s coming to a disco near you this autumn winter 

Magpies rejoice; the new makeup trend swooping the runway this autumn/winter 2016 is erring on the right side of sparkly. Burberry’s Wendy Rowe made a strong argument for glitter tears while Val Garland’s glitter brows at Giambattista Valli were Gigi-proofed, the ultimate fashpack seal of approval. Tom Pecheux ignited a major spark for glitter lipliner and twinkle tear ducts at Vionnet while makeup maestro Sam Bryant created the 3-d effect glitter foil look (pictured below, image via Vogue.com)  at Holly Fulton inspiring my look, created by award-winning makeup artist, Emma Farrell at EF Creative Studios.

Holly Fulton autumn/winter 2016 makeup look, picture via Vogue.com

Mirror, Mirror

In a major nod to Ziggy Stardust, the message to ground control was clear: The glitterati is  recruiting and rule-breakers need only apply. In stark contrast to the folkloric feel of Holly Fulton’s ready-to-wear collection, makeup artist Sam Bryant shook it up by creating a ‘techy, modern and conceptual make-up look’ to offset the sartorial whimsy. The broken glass effect wouldn’t have looked out of place on the Louis Vuitton runway or indeed to complement J.W. Anderson’s 3-d-inspired collection at Loewe for spring/summer 2016.  Skin was dewy and strobed, the main drama was with the eyes. Bryant used MAC Mixing Medium to prep the eyes and allow for the silver leaf to stick. Then, breaking up the leaf with a buffing brush, Bryant created that jagged, irregular particle effect on the eyelids, giving an undone feel to the look. It wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t supposed to be. Thanks to the advent of eccentric maximalism via Alessandro Michele at Gucci, uniformity is out and eccentricity is in.

Image by Malcolm McGettigan, makeup by Emma Farrell

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Emma Farrell of EF Creative Studios first prepped the skin as the eyes needed to be done last. Using MAC Face and Body Foundation, Emma built up to a light coverage, keeping the skin hydrated and fresh. For that all-important, eye-bag area, Emma used Clarins Instant Concealer to draw attention away from shadows and smoothen out stubborn eye contours. Having spent many years using matte under-eye colour correctors and concealers, this is the best under-eye concealer I have ever used. It was smooth enough to take away the ripple effect of those dreaded bags and highlighted the skin without sitting in the creases. I’m a complete convert. With the knowledge that the clavicle is this season’s new erogenous zone, Emma  blended some MAC Face and Body with Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate contour and highlight palette, reflecting light onto my collarbone, giving a luminous effect that screamed ‘I’m summer body ready!’ This, being only my second ever dalliance with the inimitable Tom Ford brand, the sumptous, rich, decadent cream contour and highlighter is worth every penny. From his creative reign at Gucci to the establishment of his eponymous label, the name Tom Ford is synonymous with amped-up sex appeal. ‘Understanding the architecture of one’s face’ is the tag line that accompanies this product and it not only works the lines and angles of the face, it is also prime material for accentuating the bone structure of one’s body.

From the Shadows

Once the purview of the 90s, glitter has emerged from the shadows and become relevant again. For this look, the drama is in the eyes so the rest of the look stays quite natural. Emma Farrell applied Chaos Cosmetics highlighter in the tear duct area and over the lids with Nars Rue Bonaparte Cream Pencil rimming the lower eye to brighten up the whole eye area. Highlighter was applied onto the Cupid’s Bow area to add an extra element of shine.


Holographic sparkle, 3-d glitter and all-out shine – that’s the new order of the day and I love it!

Photos of me: Malcolm McGettigan

All runway images: Vogue.com

Makeup: Emma Farrell

Hair: Lisa Smyth

Product details:

MAC Face and Body Foundation
Clarins Instant Concealer Under the Eyes
Stila Nude Interlude Colour Balm Lipstick in Meg
Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Contour and Highlight Palette
Chaos Cosmetics Highlighter
MAC Fling Eyebrow Pencil
Nars Rue Bonaparte Cream Pencil
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara
Silver leaf
Physicians Formula Lash Boosting Black Eyeliner
Daniel Sandler Liquid So Pretty Watercolour Blush

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  1. Dolores Smith says:

    glitter & glam go hand in hand


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