The spring summer ’15 drop has finally hit the stores and Brown Thomas had its season-defining fashion show this morning, displaying some absolute beauts from Osman, Chloe, Stella McCartney and many more. January is a time for re-invention, when we all shake off the glitter bug and shed our go-go boots in favour of a pared-back palette and the newest take on minimalism. This look does exactly that. With fashion’s most insouciant guardian of cool, Phoebe Philo choosing Joan Didion as Celine’s newest poster girl, muted elegance is officially in.

IMGP9097Although I usually abstain from resolutions, having the stamina of Veruca Salt, I decided to try the gruel, nuts and pulses diet to see would I miraculously transmogrify into Giselle overnight. Much to my chagrin, I remained that uncoordinated girl who chose to write out the anatomy of the digestive system instead of partake in physical education at school. It’s week two and my colleague at work humorously noted that my vial of liquid (I believe they call it soup) was a very interesting colour/texture while I buried my shame in yet another slice of brown soda bread. Although I have to admit, while the whites of my eyes are not glaringly bright and I’m not miraculously toned and svelte (I believe you actually  have to attend a gym for that) I do have a lot more energy and feel the better for it! img3I have always wanted a ‘grown-up’ coat and felt that this was an appropriate choice as camel always feels so sophisticated and chic. This one is from River Island and I bought it on sale reduced from €149 to €70, yipee! It was one of those coats I was having dreams about, drooling languidly (more like sloppily) while drifting off during True Detective. My shirt in purest white is from Zara spring summer collection as is my delectable buttery pleather jeans which are divine to touch and look just like the real thing. Don’t I look like a 30 year old Tavi Gevinson? Is it bad for a woman of my age to be crushing out on a barely out of school blogger? Oh Tavi, queen of the robes, I do salute you. You are so much more than that. Please forgive that last comment!


I used to think that if I ever wore black leather pants either one of two things had happened.One; I had taken up with one of the biker gang from Waterford or two; I had somehow become a native German. I now realise that I don’t have to be either of those things. Instead I just need to be Beyonce (on the inside). So, I shall leave you with that thought. Challenge your own inner Beyonce. And if that fails, there’s always the perfume!


Outfit details: 

Coat: Wool mix, River Island, €70 on sale.

Pants: Faux leather biker trousers, Zara, ss15 collection, available here. €49.95.

Shirt: White blouse with peter pan collar, Zara, ss15 collection, available here. €39.95.

Shoes: Dune, previous season.

Bag: Om Diva.


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  1. cailindeise says:

    Interesting, informative, concise and … funny. The blog is a breath of fresh air in the (usually) frothy, air-headedness of fashion writing. Maith a cailín thú!


  2. cailindeise says:

    What a relief to read a blog that’s literate, entertaining, concise, informative and … funny. Maith a cailín thú!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LoVe your leather look pants! 🙂


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