IMGP8120Delicate opulence meets metallic hardware in this dramatic night-time look. A modern heroine, she sips on a dry martini by a crackling fire and listens to the sounds and the stories of the night. Eschewing any traditional night-time apparel, she favours unpredictable fabrics of neoprene and leather.  Like her character, the outfit is capricious and chimerical. The  pastel blue of the leather skirt softens the look that is jewel-heavy on top and balances out the otherwise maximalist look. Deriving inspiration from Celine’s solo lobe jewel, the ear cuff is decadent meets fierce.

new falcon

Slipping away from the party she wanders away to the window, an area unsullied by the chatter of people, when glancing out the window, she catches his eye, a stolen glance between lovers where nothing and everything is said. She holds him in her thrall, her gaze is intoxicating. She is night-time glamour and elegance and he is entranced by her look.


Somewhere, in the deepest chambers of his mind, he knows that this is an all-defining moment. This is the moment. Resplendent and basking in her glow, he moves like on a cloud, heady and light all at once. There is nothing out of the ordinary here. Just a boy looking at a girl, looking at a boy. But it is very extraordinary because this is the moment that transcends all other moments and time and space cease to exist. For him, she is the epitome of elegance. For her, he is her soul-mate. They go into the night, not gently, but fearlessly, together.


Outfit Details:

Neoprene top: H&M. €39.99. Available here.

Skirt: River Island, €18 on mid-season sale. Similar here. And here.

Ear cuff: River Island. Available in store.

Shoes: Bertie, previous season. Similar here,  And here: And here: And here:  And here:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Edson says:

    That Ear cuff is sensational. And you have a lovely ear! Can I say that?


    1. Thanks very much. Sure it helps me hear which is great!


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