I’m channeling my inner goth in this look and embracing a darker colour palette as the season begins to get colder. I love a dark lip and it looks amazing when you keep the rest of your make-up minimal. I thought I’d break the rules a little here though and wore some dark eye-liner flicks too. My lipstick is MAC Cyber and the lipliner is MAC Vino.


I’m wearing my McQ Alexander McQueen shirt, a Peter Pilotto x Target jumper and Topshop leggings. I almost died and went to heaven when I saw Cara Delevingne wearing the new Autumn/Winter collection for Topshop. I tried for so long to get these leggings, they kept selling out online and none of the stores in Dublin had them in stock either. Eventually I got them online and had them delivered to my parents’ house while I was in Turkey. My Dad was so funny; he was like – ‘there’s some shiny bin-bag pants here for you, Mary.’  Oh, Dad, can’t you see they’re vinyl luxe!


My clutch is from River Island and my runners are Nike Air Force One. I was a big fan of basketball as a child and I love that these trainers were the first high-top to house the Nike air technology. Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan were major heroes of mine and they both wore Nike Air basketball boots back in the day. I literally thought they were the coolest dudes on earth, along with Michael Jackson, McGuyver and Jessica Fletcher of Cabot Cove. Am I showing my age here? I feel so badass when I’m wearing these kicks; it literally feels like I’m walking on air.

I bought this beanie hat on Choies is an amazing website that a colleague of mine when I worked in Brown Thomas directed me towards. It has such a huge range of trends and is high quality at affordable prices (I feel like the guy from Mr. Cheap in Turkey who tried to sell me ‘high quality designer goods at high street prices.’ Yeah, right. You haven’t even spelled Michael Kors right). The only negative about ordering from Choies is that it takes about three to four weeks to arrive. The plus is that when the items finally do arrive, you’ve usually forgotten about them so it serves as a nice surprise. A very similar website that I love is Romwe and they often have similar stock. The same applies here for shipping times but it’s usually worth it. Here’s me looking uber serious and moody in my veil.

I loved shooting among the fallen leaves and crisp air. I do find that my skin has changed a lot with the transition of the seasons so yesterday, I did a skincare analysis in Kiehl’s and bought some new products for a skincare regime overhaul. I will let you know how I get on with them. I also got some new goth glam nails at Fifth Avenue Dublin and am currently rocking some aubergine gel nails with a slight glittery tinge. I wish my nails had been that colour for this shoot, but alas, twas not to be! And finally, my favourite picture from the shoot. Here’s me perfecting my ‘smell the fart’ look.


Lipstick: MAC Cyber, €19.50, available at Brown Thomas here.

Lipliner: MAC Vino, €16.50, available at Brown Thomas here:

Runners: NIKE Air Force Ones, €94, available at JD Sports here:

Leggings: Vinyl front leggings, £25, Topshop, available here:

Hat: Black beanie with mesh veil, €15.92, available at Choies, here:

Jumper: Peter Pilotto x Target, some available here:

All clothes my own, all hair, make-up and styling done by me.


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  1. BEAUTIFUL! I have serious ‘eyeliner-flick envy’. Love the veiled beanie!


    1. Aw thank you so much Lesley. My friend who shot this thought the beanie was absolutely bonkers!


      1. Ah granted it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can totally pull it off! It work’s really well with the make up look and overall outfit.


      2. YES! I say the fiercer, the better and it’s good to experiment and have fun with fashion. I especially like any man repelling trends!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Anna K says:

    This outfit is sooo cool! Totally jealous of the jumper and the beanie is stunning on you. I never tried such dark lip, tempting but not sure it works on reddish brunettes 😉 xx


    1. Thanks a million Anna. I would recommend Cyber or Rebel from MAC if you want to try a dark lip; I think that the less purpley the better. Cyber is more black based and that would suit you, I think. Vino or night-moth lip-liner is great. I used to work in Brown Thomas so we got constant tips from the make-up girls. I love your blog too. x


  3. Beautiful! Wish I was a bit more daring with my look, this is stunning ❤


    1. Thanks Samantha. Everyone was smiling at me, I think the boldness of the outfit was surprising for a lot of punters passing by. X


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